Concepts of Biology by Sylvia S. Mader Dr.

Concepts of Biology

Book Title: Concepts of Biology

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0073525537

Author: Sylvia S. Mader Dr.

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Sylvia S. Mader Dr. with Concepts of Biology

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Concepts of Biology 3e recognizes the value of the traditional approach while still engaging students in the excitement of relevancy to themselves and the world around them. The text abounds with analogies and engaging illustrations as it proceeds from an examination of chemistry to the biosphere.

A significant new feature of this edition is the integration of media asset into the chapter content. Virtually every section of the textbook is now linked to MP3 files, 3D and 2D animations of biological processes, and National Geographic and ScienCentral videos. In addition, McGraw-Hill offers a full suite of adaptive learning tools including LearnSmart, LearnSmart Labs, LearnSmart Prep, LearnSmart Achieve, and SmartBook, all designed to assess a student’s existing knowledge base and adapt to particularly address deficiencies.